Interior Painting


Whether it’s the style of your furniture or the color of your walls, the design of your home is an expression of your personal style.JBT Painting & Remodeling LLC has the experience to handle any size painting job from a single room to an entire house.

At JBT Painting & Remodeling LLC, our interior painting experts pride themselves on providing superior painting services to the area. Our team is highly recommended, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We use only the highest quality products to ensure you get the best paint job possible

We can also save you money on supplies. A quality paint job requires the right tools and paint. We already have all the necessary supplies to handle any type of painting situation.

Our professional painters offer uncompromising attention to detail. We guarantee we will give you an amazing paint finish that will leave your home or business looking like new. Our company uses the highest quality painting supplies in a variety of colors and styles. No matter your taste or decor, we’ve got you covered.


Exterior Painting


JBT Painting & Remodeling LLC has the experience and craftsmanship to make any home exterior the most beautiful around with our custom exterior painting service. Our team can make any homeowner’s vision and bring it life on time and budget

JBT Painting & Remodeling LLC helps homeowners make the best choice in colors for the exterior, trim, shutters and doors to make sure there are no regrets later on. A poorly painted exterior or a bad combination of colors can devalue a home and the homes around it. Understanding the surrounding and colors of the neighborhood raises the appeal of a home and property.

To insure the best painting surface, JBT Painting & Remodeling LLC has our team prepare the home exterior to remove contaminants that can affect the quality of paint adhesion. If any repairs of the trim, siding, flashing, caulking and molding, our team of experts painters will take care of them.

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