Kitchen Remodeling


At JBT Painting & Remodeling LLC we want to help you design and create your perfect kitchen experience. How do you want your kitchen to look, to feel, and to function? What kind of impression do you want to convey to guests and what kind of living experience do you want to add to your home?

Our expert designer will help you find the answers you need to these questions, and put the ability to define your kitchen from function to decor into your hands. After your free in-home consultation (in which we will provide accurate and detailed estimates) our experienced remodeling team will help to create the dream kitchen that you’ve always wanted. Our design and remodeling services are affordable, efficient, and highly personalized. With our services you’ll receive the assistance of an industry leading Kitchen Designer and our Remodeling and Installation Specialist as well as our highly skilled remodeling team. We have the expertise, experience, skills, and materials to create the perfect kitchen for you. JBT Painting & Remodeling LLC has been bringing our customers’ dream kitchens to life for over 20 years!


Bathroom Remodeling


If you are looking for a fresh update to your outdated bathroom, look no further than Stephens. We offer quick and beautiful bathroom remodel services to get your bathroom looking like new again.

A professionally remodeled bathroom can last for decades. It will leave a lasting impression on yourself and your guests. Trying to perform a remodel on your own can be stressful and very time consuming. There are small technical issues that can happen without you even knowing. At JBT Painting & Remodeling LLC, we have a team, of trained project managers that will work with you to design a new bathroom based on your style.




When planning a home remodel of any kind, many factors should be taken into consideration before the project is begun. Such factors will typically include the person’s overall budget, the number of people living in their house and how long the homeowner intends to remain in property. One of the most important aspects of any home remodeling plan is that of the right kind of flooring. The right kind of flooring can help make any space look much better the moment someone walks into the room. The ideal choice in flooring can also make it easy for the homeowner to keep the entire space clean while still allowing them to enjoy flooring that warm and pleasant on their bare feet and looks great at the same time.

The kind of flooring for anyone’s needs will also depend on the space being remodeled. For example, someone who is planning an entire total bathroom remodeling project will often want to use tile flooring. Tile flooring makes an excellent choice for any bathroom floor. Tile is very easy to clean, comes in many varied colors and does not retain moisture long-term. Homeowners can often pick from many types of tile to use including beautiful glass tile and clay tile. Many homeowners find that they can even use tile to help transform an otherwise plain bathroom into a showcase for their own tastes. Using a large, specially commissioned tile art piece on the bathroom floor can make any bathroom stand out and look pretty while still allowing the homeowner to use flooring that is easy to maintain.

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